Improving Air Quality with a UV Treatment System

Most people assume that they have a high air quality in their home as long as they have a modern HVAC system. Unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect, and failure to take steps to improve your air quality can lead to a long list of health issues, including chronic upper respiratory infections, headaches, dry throat and sinusitis. Instead of simply accepting these issues, you can fight back by utilizing an ultraviolet (UV) light treatment system and getting your airducts cleaned on a regular basis.


Every time your air conditioner and heater comes on, they begin circulating airborne germs and bacteria that are already living in your home. To make matters worse, the moist cooling coil of an air conditioner can provide the perfect environment for mold. Fortunately, you can fight back against these issues and improve your air quality by taking a proactive approach. Using a UV treatment system has been proven to kill bacteria and germs, and it can also reduce your odds of dealing with a serious mold issue.


Your new UV light treatment systems will be installed directly inside of your HVAC system to stop the growth of bacteria and mold. You can even get a coil irradiation model that has been specifically made with the purpose of killing mold before it has the opportunity to begin thriving on your air conditioner's cooling coil.

Fighting back against airborne germs, bacteria and mold is the best way to protect your family's health and budget. After all, medical issues can be very expensive, and the growth of mold and mildew on your A/C equipment can greatly diminish airflow. In other words, the system will need to work harder to keep the desired space cool, and this will increase your energy costs and cause your air conditioner to break more quickly than anticipated. Fortunately, you can take a proactive stand against all of these potential issues by simply purchasing a UV treatment system.


The UV treatment system will kill bacteria, germs and most molds when these undesirable infiltrators pass through the UV light. In other words, this process takes place directly inside the HVAC system, and it prevents these airborne contaminants from getting into your living space.


In order to improve your air quality and reduce your annual expenses, you should strongly consider adding a UV treatment system to your AC and heating equipment. Gulf Shore Cooling can provide you with quick, professional installation of this system, and you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that are associated with UV light. We also offer the necessary ductwork cleaning and AC system coil cleaning to ensure that your air conditioner will run properly and efficiently for many years to come.


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