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How a Filter Protects Your AC System

Air Conditioning Repair in Fort Myers, FLThe filter is an essential part of your AC unit. Without it, your AC will not operate correctly. Before you turn on your AC, you should know why this part is essential to your system.

The primary use of an AC filter is to protect your system from dirt and debris. When your AC is running, it sucks in an immense amount of air. When there is no filter present, the AC will also suck in dirt, dust, and anything else that is light enough to travel with the air. Eventually, this debris will start to destroy your system. Furthermore, the filter will take allergens from the air out, ensuring that you are not breathing in dander and dust that can make you and your family sick.

It is vital that you replace your AC filter regularly. You should be doing this approximately every three months to ensure that the proper amount of air flows through your system. Before you go to the store to pick up the filter, you should write down the size to ensure that you get the right size. Buying a size that does not fit is terrible for your system.

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