Strategic Partnership: Rheem Manufacturing Company – Air Conditioning Manufacturer

Gulf Shore Cooling, Inc. and Rheem, the quality manufacturer for Air Conditioning Systems, have been partnering since 2010. Initiated through our Strategic Partner „The Home Depot“, both companies have partnered to provide the SW Florida community with quality products for a competitive price.


Rheem manufactures innovative Air Conditioning Systems of top-quality and up-to-date technology. The brand Rheem is well known on the market for reliable AC Systems that are equipped with a dependable performance. All Air Conditioning Systems meet and exceed the industry standards for quality and reliability.


We are a Rheem Team Top Contractor. The group of elite Air Conditioning Companies reflects the highest qualification in the Air Conditioning Industry to get the job done right from the start. To be part of the Rheem Team education and skill counts as well as the set priority #1 to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We are successful in proving our extensive knowledge within the Air Conditioning Industry every day!


Rheem products are frequently tested and certified by government and third-party testing labs to make sure to meet their high quality standards.


Gulf Shore Cooling, Inc. believes they have chosen a strong Partner to serve the SW Florida community with broader range of additional AC equipment.

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