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Ductless Air Cooling in Fort Myers, FL

Central heat and air is great when you want to have consistent comfort throughout your home, but what if you have an unoccupied room, what do you do? Central heat and air has no ability to adjust room by room. Window mounted units are not very energy efficient, obstruct your view of the outdoors, and can even undermine the security of your home.

Gulf Shore Cooling, one of the top AC companies in Fort Myers, is ready to help you with this issue. The best solution to this problem is to install ductless air cooling in these rooms. By using the best technology Mitsubishi has to offer, we are able to provide you with custom cooling options for every room in your home. From an AC replacement in Fort Myers to an AC repair in Fort Myers, FL, you can trust the team at our business to offer you efficient options that you will not find from other businesses.

Have Us Handle Your Heating & Cooling to Save Money

Since our ductless systems don’t waste time and energy cooling unoccupied rooms, you only have to pay for the air you actually want to use. Also, since the cold air doesn’t have to travel down long ducts, you don’t have to worry about energy loss when using one of these systems. In fact, one of these ductless A/C units is able to handle all of your cooling needs for as little as 6 cents per hour.

One of the best aspects of these units is the ability to create zones of comfort. Let’s say you have a newborn child who can’t get too hot in one room and a visiting relative who gets cold very easily in another. You are able to easily set a lower temperature in the baby’s room and a higher one in the relative’s room. At the end of the day everyone is happy and you are saving money on your power bill.

Flexible Instillation & Design Options

Just because you have individual units in each room, doesn’t mean that they have to detract from your décor and overall aesthetics. We offer a number of installation and design options to make these units blend in perfectly in each room. Of course traditional wall-mounted units are still available, but their form factor is much slimmer today. Additionally, it is possible to recess the system into your ceiling, making it much less noticeable. Finally, for homeowners who just don’t want to see the system at all, ducted attic mounts are an option as well.

Finance Your Ductless Air Cooling System Today

At our company, we don’t want you to have to wait for a new A/C system. That is why we offer interest free financing. Ask us for a free quote on your ductless installation today.

Customize your comfort to the ultimate level by contacting us. We serve Fort Myers, as well as Southwest Florida.

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