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HVAC Services in Fort Myers, FL

Whether you have an old AC that is in need of replacement or you are merely looking for an upgrade, Gulf Shore Cooling is available to assist you. Since 1983, we have been the company residents turn to for AC repair in Fort Myers, as well as additional HVAC services. Our business is known for employing a talented team who are always ready to assist you with problems related to your air conditioner. Additionally, we provide furnace repair in Fort Myers.

If you are frustrated with an old air conditioning system that doesn’t keep you cool when you need it most and costs a fortune in wasted energy, let us help give your home an upgrade. We can handle all AC units – including the most modern selections – so you can rest assured we will help you with your issues. From air duct cleaning in Fort Myers to AC replacements, our team is prepared to provide you with quality services.

Save Money with a New A/C System

If your home is still using a system that is decades old, you could be spending hundreds of dollars more than you should every year to cool your home. There are a number of factors that lead to energy loss when it comes to air conditioning systems, but they all begin with an inefficient system that has seen better years. Sometimes it is possible to tune-up your HVAC unit, but if your system is too old, it may be financially beneficial to replace it.

Old air conditioners also mean old ducts, and your ducts could be responsible for a 30% energy loss when cooling your home. That is why it is important to hire industry professionals with years of experience and training. We have the ability to make sure that your ductwork is in working order, so you don’t waste energy by cooling unoccupied parts of your home, such as your attic.

Depend on Us for a Factory Authorized A/C Replacement

Our factory trained and authorized installers make sure your system is properly charged and fits your space well. Before we leave, we make sure that your system is running smoothly and will continue to do so for years to come. When it is time for your installation, you can expect our uniformed technicians to arrive promptly in well-stocked vehicles, so they have everything they need to complete the job. Because you are having the installation done professionally, you are able to have peace of mind with our 10-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are ready to replace your A/C, ask us about our zero interest financing. You shouldn’t have to go into debt just to stay comfortable, which is why we offer payments as low as $77 a month. Take advantage of this offer while it is available.

Replace your old HVAC unit by contacting us. We serve Fort Myers, as well as Southwest Florida.

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