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Gulf Shore Cooling is committed to maintaining a 100 percent customer satisfaction level, and we provide several key services to help you keep your air conditioning and electrical services in great shape. Keep in mind that it is necessary to get your HVAC system cleaned regularly, and you should also keep an eye on preventative maintenance techniques. In fact, a study that was completed by the Gulf States Utility Company and Louisiana State University indicates that utilizing a regular maintenance schedule can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30 percent. In other words, having a dirty filter or system will cause less cooling ability at a higher price. Fortunately, the experienced team at Gulf Shore Cooling can easily take care of this issue for you. 

Our Services:

  • Tune-Ups - We have a precision team of tune-up specialists who have been factory trained to ensure that your equipment will be properly taken care of.
  • Emergency Calls - Gulf Shore Cooling is pleased to offer emergency services.
  • Extended Warranties - We understand that warranties provide our consumers with peace of mind, and they can also save you a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, we offer extended warranties that include parts and labor.
  • Financing Packages - We offer 0 percent down financing options in order to help our residential consumers keep their air conditioning systems in solid working order.
  • Maintenance Agreements - Gulf Shore Cooling features high value maintenance agreements that will keep your system operating properly. As an added bonus, you will also receive a 15 percent discount on necessary repairs as long as you have a maintenance agreement in place.
  • No Brand Service Restrictions - We service all brands of equipment, so even if you did not purchase your air conditioning or electrical system from Gulf Shore Cooling, we will still be able to provide you with the necessary assistance to keep it running smoothly.
  • Free Estimates - Are you considering replacing your air conditioning system or ductwork? Our professional team will provide you with a free estimate to help you ensure that you get the best equipment and price for your home or office.

Gulf Shore Cooling is proud of our solid history of providing A+ service to each of our consumers. In fact, we are a BBB accredited business that maintains an A+ rating! Our professional team of installers and repair technicians will maintain and service your air conditioning system, and you will be able to rely on receiving the cost-effective, friendly and professional service that has become synonymous with Gulf Shore Cooling.

You can get in touch with us via our contact form or by calling (855) 426-2665 to schedule an appointment, and you are also invited to reach out to us with any air conditioning related questions that you may have.  

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