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Improving Humidity in Your Home

AC Companies in Fort MyersHumidity is a big deal in summer. Instead of letting the humidity cause mold problems and make everything sticky, you can do the following:

  • Invest in a Dehumidifier – This is a great step for any homeowner with humidity problems. A dehumidifier is made to suck the air from your room, take the moisture out of it, and then blow the air back into your room. This appliance is an excellent investment for people who like to spend time on their porch or in their sunroom.
  • Use Your Vent Fans – The vent fans in your bathroom and kitchen are made to ventilate these areas. Instead of relying on your AC, you can turn these fans on every time you shower or use your stove top. Opening your windows also help, as it helps the air move efficiently.
  • Use Your AC – Your AC is made to keep the air moving in your home. If you have ever been in a Florida home without an AC running in summer, you know how wet and sticky everything gets. When you let your AC run, you ensure that the air is flowing throughout your home.

Keep things cool all summer long when you come to Gulf Shore Cooling for AC services. As one of the top AC companies in Fort Myers, our crew is prepared to assist you with your needs.

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