Air Conditioning Replacement

Gulf Shore Cooling is pleased to offer professional installation of the best air conditioning units available. In order to take advantage of our 100 percent guaranteed installation process, you can call us at (855) 426-2665 and ask for the AC sales department. One of our experienced air conditioning professionals will help you determine the appropriate replacement system by taking your air quality concerns and the size of your home or office into consideration. As an added bonus, we will help you locate any applicable discounts, rebates or tax credits to assist you with your purchase.


The Impact of Improper Installation on the Operating Cost and Life of Your Equipment

  • Using an Oversized Air Conditioning Unit - If you have an oversized AC unit in your home or office, you will incur operating expenses up to 45 percent higher than necessary. Additionally, the constant starting and stopping of the large unit will reduce the compressor life.
  • Using Undersized or Oversized Refrigerant Lines - Using the wrong sized refrigerant lines can increase your operating costs by as much as 28 percent, and the excessive head pressure that is caused by these lines will reduce your air conditioning system's compressor life.
  • Improperly Sized Ductwork - Improper airflow across the evaporator coil and heat exchanger will reduce the life expectancy of the compressor and exchanger, and it will also cause you to pay up to 30 percent more than necessary to operate the system.
  • Overcharged or Undercharged Refrigerant - If the refrigerant in your air conditioning system is not charged properly, it can have catastrophic results for your pocketbook. In fact, this one problem alone will cut your compressor's life in half, and it will also increase your energy bills by up to 30 percent and force you to replace your entire system much earlier than anticipated.


At Gulf Shore Cooling, we take your air conditioning replacement needs very seriously. We will ensure that your system is properly charged, and we will verify that it is the correct size for the applicable space. Our professional installers will also make sure that you have the proper ductwork and refrigerant lines to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Additionally, Gulf Shore Cooling offers a Maintenance Agreement program that will make it easy to keep your entire AC system in great shape at a reduced price.


To learn more about our air conditioning replacement options, you can contact us online or call (855) 426-2665.

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